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Safety Management

Generate your company documents based on your current procedures such as JSA’s and risk assessment. Share these with the workers on-site which will track and keep records of workers signing on to the documents.

Manage safety procedures including: 

  • Incidents

  • Hazards

  • Non-conformances

  • Opportunities for improvements

  • Complaints

  • Near misses

  • Take 5's

Taro gives you the tools to ensure the operators always have access to the site specific SWI’s/Risk Assessments.

Construction Workers
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Manage all your reports in one place

Taro's report management software brings all company specific reports and events into one platform. All staff can report in-house forms such as incident reports, injury reports, near misses, non conformances and you can create custom forms.

Once a report is completed in the system, relevant alerts will be notified via email to the relevant person. From there, the relevant person can follow the details of the task to be carried out with a target date to be completed.

Machine record 

Manage and record your machine pre-starts

An easy to use automated system that stores your machine pre-start records as soon as they are completed.

Manages your machine service records and notifies the workshop team when a service is due

Manages your machine service records and notifies the workshop team when a service is due. The service management system works with the pre-start hours/ kilometers and notifies the workshop team when it is due for service. Once the service is complete, records will automatically be stored.

Notifies the workshop when a new defect is found
on a machine

Notifies the workshop when a new defect is found on a machine

Upon pre-starting a machine, if a defect is located, the operator may instantly notify the maintenance team to ensure there is minimal disruption.

Allow operator to access your machine specific familiarisation

Allows operator to access your machine specific familiarisation

Legislation states that operators need access to machine specific information to carry out safety checks for specific makes and models. Taro provides the tools for this.

Track your equipment

As an added extra you can purchase GPS units for your vehicles and assets to track distance and direction, immobilise remotely, install RFID reader to track driver and recover stolen property.

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Manage all your licences and registrations 
in one place

Taro will notify your workshop team prior to when registration or a COI is due for renewal.

Monitor certificate & license expiry

Receive notifications when staff members are due to renew licenses and certificates. Easily identify overdue licenses and certificates with a warning icon and notification email.


Train your staff online

Train your staff your way, on site and online, using Taro’s pre-loaded assessment resources which ensures authenticity.

Manage team meetings

Record agendas and discussions. Keeps records of attendance. Also manage types of meetings i.e safety meeting, toolbox meeting, sales meeting etc.

Secure staff records online

Keep all your staffs records in one, easy to access place online. Records are stored securely and confidently.

Preload resources 

You will have the capability of uploading your own site inductions and be able to see who has been inducted on specific sites.


Ready to see how Taro can help you?

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