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Safety Management

Generate in-house documents based on in-house safety procedures such as JSA’s and risk assessment. Share these with the workers on-site which will track and keep records of workers signing on to the documents.

Manage safety procedures including: 

  • Incidents

  • Hazards

  • Non-conformances

  • Opportunities for improvements

  • Complaints

  • and more

Construction Workers
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Manage all your reports in one place

Taro's incident management software brings all company-wide incidents and events into a central platform.

Once an incident is reported in the system, relevant alerts will be triggered. Trigger notifications based on an extensive set of incident factors make sure the right people are alerted to prompt investigations, follow up actions and close out.

Safety software features

Single Source of Truth

Report, investigate, analyse and manage all issue types in one centralised location


A flexible suite of incident categories and forms enables tailoring to specific organisational needs

Workflows and Actions

Built-in workflow, ensuring appropriate approval levels and sign-off


Traceability of information, decision-making and accountability protocols


Customise dashboards to draw crucial business intelligence from your incident data

Audits and Investigations

Audit management includes linked action, non-conformance and improvement opportunities

Risk Management

Integrated with Lucidity's powerful Risk Management solution


Easily report incidents from the field (including photos) through the Lucidity app. Ideal for use by all staff and contractors

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